Constantly refining the subtle equilibrium that defines both’s design philosophy, the Spring-Summer 2018 collection moves between sharp and soft lines, plain and bold effects.

This season the collection’s core offering is enriched by new interpretations of the white sneaker. With their exploration of intriguing finishes and graphic embellishments, both puts a new spin on classic shapes such as low and high-top lace ups or slip-on styles.

Art references also surface, like in the blue, red and orange round patches of vulcanized rubber applied to basic nude or white shapes as an homage to German artist Hans Arp. Their bright motif is influenced by the organic forms sculptures and paintings done by the founding member of the Dada movement in Zurich.

The plasticity of crinkled effects on rubber, elaborated using a special process, are inspired by the crumpled monochrome paintings of punk painter Steven Parrino. While in the same textural vein, mechanically produced positive/negative embossed dots give the impression of a virtual three-dimensional surface.

Using a complex artisanal process, the rubber soles are crafted from strips of foxing tape cut into graphic, minimal patterns and applied by hand before being finished in the vulcanisation oven.

The line’s selection of finest leathers from Italy are completed here, for this summer season, with a special cotton woven fabric called Ventile, a waterproof and breathable cloth sourced in UK, offered in black or in a seasonal pure and punchy shade of orange.